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Guru - Never Ending Saga (feat. Lae D-Trigga & Bless) Lyrics

  • f/ Lae-D Trigga, Bless
  • Yeah... ain't nuttin sweet in these streets...
  • Everyday it's a never-ending saga...
  • [Chorus: Guru] - 2X
  • It's a never-ending saga, the drama, the block's hotter than lava
  • See the stress in the eyes of my mama
  • She don't wanna hear about me gettin put in a cage
  • Still I keep so much heat, have you shook and amazed
  • [Guru]
  • It's like this everyday hustle got me stifled
  • It's like all I think about is *****ing pistols and rifles
  • All I do all day is smoke weed and drink
  • Look at my icey grill in the mirror and then I spit in the sink
  • Got to flip more dough, got to pull another heist
  • May not have the biggest rep, but you could say this brother's nice
  • Twice the cops came by my crib, askin questions
  • About some shit that happened, that nobody wants to mention
  • I'd rather take my own life then live as a snitch
  • I pray to God but sometimes, he don't grant my wish
  • I wanna get out of here, and lace my chick with some Prada gear
  • Push a fat whip and own a big house somewhere
  • I can't sleep, I'm thinkin about my next caper
  • I gotta figure out a way that I can make the best paper
  • I got a son, and yo I'm still mad young
  • Everyday I'm on the Ave. with my niggaz totin mad guns
  • [Lae-D Trigga]
  • Everyday's a different struggle, different sets and tecs
  • Tryna make my dollars double, so who's next to flex
  • Hollow points wet like sets, got the Ill-X connect
  • Niggaz be hatin when you takin, tryna hold ya breath
  • They wanna mold ya death and lay you where the seas rest
  • For a chain and ya watch, you bound to get yourself popped
  • Have ya brains lookin "Sloppy" like "Joe"
  • Runnin and breathin like whoa
  • This game the illest if ya know when to fold
  • Dramatic incidence, keep the witnesses, bickerin
  • Chickens is sickenin, *****in cats that own businesses
  • Voices and visions leave a stain in my mind
  • So I explain it in rhymes
  • Bullets and slums keep this dame in her prime
  • Undercovers wanna lock me up, niggaz wanna knock me up
  • Spend my cheddar like they got me stuck
  • I change ya frame from weak to dust, after I heat ya up
  • Automatics, skee that meat and trucks
  • Livin is crazy if you got no luck, worse if you got no bucks
  • You gotta take, all you can or get *****ed
  • You gotta space all ya mans and get buck
  • The hood you live in is tough
  • Feels like the whole damn world gone corrupt
  • That's why I drink the veins, anything to ease the *****in pain
  • Let it reign in my heart on this dirt stain, it hurt mayne
  • [Guru] Ghetto dreams... callin mad schemes... that's right
  • [Chorus] - 2X
  • [Bless]
  • I heard life was a test, learned life was a mess
  • Ya blaze cess, escape stress from one day to the next
  • Right or left, in this maze that ends in death
  • I'm alive but need rest, progress in three steps
  • With every step or breath, I seem to digest so much shit
  • to get off my chest, born and restless
  • I, sit at my desk, 9 to 5 at best
  • The rest collect checks to waste on lotto bets
  • Forty bottles wet and cigarettes, adress to ad-ress
  • Places, faces with sadness, cats depressed
  • Through all the madness, I managed
  • To be blessed with a sense to know dough don't measure success
  • Cuz even though money is power, it ain't always respect
  • Live my life with no regrets, all these heads know the deal
  • I re-fuse to move, unless I'm doin what I feel
  • the true meaning of real, not the gat that you conceal
  • Cracks ya sell, *****es ya mack, and caps ya peel
  • Try to match my skill, attack ya grill, perhaps I will
  • Sit back and chill, you shoulda known that I'm ill...
  • [Chorus] - 2X

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