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Lupe Fiasco - SLR (Round of Applause) Lyrics

  • [Hook]
  • Welcome everybody, SLR 3
  • Moment of silence for them, round of applause for me
  • [Verse 1]
  • I pause to put a round in the palms of thieves
  • And then clap for 'em, bring it back to 'em
  • Soundtrakk I bring my back to 'em
  • Cause they ain't ready for the front, fax to 'em
  • Like my nigga Mickey Factz to 'em
  • Aye Mickey what the wicky-wicky wack doin'?
  • They ain't from us but they claimin' they Columbus
  • Their raps come off flat cause they ain't in circumference
  • They ain't in the cypher of some lifers
  • Them niggas probation, soon to be leavin' Rikers
  • They ain't see us as the circle of my peers
  • Sir cool but he ain't spheres
  • That means he ain't fierce as this
  • Sailboat wouldn't survive in the ocean of my tears
  • Bring it back to the peephole, that's the circle of my peers
  • The back is what I said
  • Ready for the front, I rap it out the back of my head
  • Know it like the back of my hand
  • Cowboy, you calf like the back of my leg, you ain't seein' what I said
  • That's cause it's comin' out the back of my dreads
  • You ain't see it, gotta watch what I say
  • Wash a nigga away or dock a nigga pay
  • I bring it back to the piers
  • And if you ready for that, you've just received the deadliest catch
  • That you've seen in years
  • Match, and if you think I'm playin'
  • Back when you were sayin' "What in the world was that?"
  • When I was sayin' 'bout the world
  • I was talkin' 'bout when the *****in' world was flat
  • [Hook]
  • [Verse 2]
  • So what we got here? Some Top Ramen talkin' 'bout some top tier
  • Some top rhymin' to some boxed ears
  • Such a waste of my timin', that's why I'm not here
  • This recite is just a sight of the
  • The real me is out droppin' crop circles all over Iowa
  • You're witnessin' a one man cypher-a
  • One hand's a gun, the other hand's a silencer
  • If I ***** the thumb, you gotta take a hike to the
  • Hitch, *****, psychotic, did you get that plot?
  • If you ain't get the words then just make a little bird
  • So you can hear what the fist don't stop, this shit don't stop
  • Let you debate whether it's birds tellin' or motellin'
  • Those fingernail shells come out my pistol top
  • I wear a Rollie so my wrist don't watch
  • Cause he don't like to see it, ain't that a *****?
  • The same wrist I shoot the three with, game winnin' remix
  • Revisit the ship, upon which niggas seasick
  • Floatin' on the water out the eyes that I see with
  • Burnin' on the fire out the eyes that I see with
  • So as we heat seekin' the seen heater sea-seein'
  • But ***** it, it's too far off the deep end
  • I don't need a reason, I ain't talkin' to 'em
  • I just CC'd 'em Tetsuo season
  • [Outro]
  • SLR 3, Round of Applause
  • Silencer on my hand so my rounds won't sound at all
  • Now how that sound to y'all?
  • Maybe how dog whistles sound to dogs
  • Tetsuo season
  • Album comin' out, super soon
  • That's right, so I'm gon' ride this wave
  • And niggas poppin' shit, it ain't got nothin' to do with me
  • And just capitalize off all the free press
  • Because my publicist charges a lot to do the same shit
  • As these niggas doin' it for free
  • And I can just rap, because really
  • Shit don't mean nothin' to me
  • I can rap all day, pop shit all day
  • And you niggas just soak it up
  • Believe it, if I stop, still gets headlines even though my Twitter locked
  • And ain't that a *****?

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