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Ras Kass - Rasassination Lyrics

  • [Ras Kass]
  • What, yeah yeah
  • 1-9-9-9, the "Waterproof" nigga
  • Y'all little faggot ass niggas, you always gotta *****in' comment
  • Y'all like little *****es
  • I'ma pull your skirt up, fo' sho
  • You ain't got enough calcium to have a bone to pick wit' me
  • Like a gracie I choke a nigga out wit' his own gi
  • on me, ***** they whole batallion
  • I'll chop ya head off and wear ya skull like sophmore medallions, papi
  • I'm the one wit da million dolla' smile and three dollars to my name
  • puttin black eyes in the game like mascara
  • Diabetic MC's must think shit is sweet
  • these venomous techniques, I leave heat
  • A nigga gots to have it in these streets
  • Bubble eyed G-S on they teams wit beats
  • Screamin, "I'll make ya famous,"
  • Write my rhymes in alien and battle niggas in sign language
  • Cowards make a little cheese then enlarge
  • artificially, like Pamela Anderson Lee's double D's, please
  • I'm bangin from Belize to Tel Aviv on the Red Sea
  • Racin' Saddam Hussein on Kawasaki jet ski's
  • [chorus]
  • Walk holdin' my nuts, I don't give a *****
  • Spit some shit so nasty it'll make Lil' Kim blush
  • Nigga, rasasanation's the name
  • I'ma put it on a bullet, and put it in ya brain
  • See that's wussup, only I don't give a *****
  • Spit some shit so nasty it'll make lil' Kim blush
  • Nigga, rasasanation is the name
  • I'ma put it on a bullet, and put it in ya brain
  • [Ras Kass]
  • Stay ***** as a pantha, puffin' a hav-a-tampa
  • askin rappers, "What do you call a million rabbits
  • walkin' backwards?" (backround) A recedin' hairline
  • You shouldn't be nervous though, cuz if I blow
  • I'ma buy ya record contrac, neva shoot a video
  • but realy though, is ya nice without rent-a-cars and hype? (nope)
  • While me and my 12 homies, sip wine like Jesus Christ
  • wit' super models bitin' on my ears like Mike Tyson on
  • fight night (Sho' ya right)
  • The dumb and dumber, my cats pack thunder,
  • and I got mo' wraps than Mumra, mean green
  • like that super hero with the lantern and ring,
  • then watch bootleg cable on a 60 inch screen
  • Champagne, greens, in 3d, while bastards out catchin' V.D.'s
  • See me easily givin' fools the finger like E.T.
  • we be rougher than callous (y'all faggots)
  • Sing a love ballad, then toss each other's salad
  • [chorus]
  • [Ras Kass]
  • Now welcome to the terrordome (*****in maricones)
  • Hoes in the ozone, cell phones and clones it's on
  • Busta Rhymes said, "There's only 2 years left"
  • So nowadays I'm playin' russian roulette wit' a tech (ha)
  • Ghetto holocaust survivor, everyday,
  • From the S.S stormtroopin P.D. in L.A.
  • Tellin me bein' black on Saturday night is a felony
  • If ya name ain't Michael Jordan or
  • Bill Bellamy, you ass out (mash out)
  • Cause a lot of white people is racist that's why I'm
  • bustin' nuts in their teenage daughters faces, Homie
  • Cuz when it rains it pours, Got me wearin a six foot
  • condom, screamin' "***** DA WORLD"
  • Makin' butterfly-ass niggas commit insecticide
  • Half god - 50% zilla - illa - my alphabet slitha across
  • ouiji boards from the philla-gilla,
  • have dead niggas dancin around they graves like Thriller
  • [chorus]
  • [Ras Kass]
  • Yeah, what, the "Waterproof", Stu'B'Doo on the track
  • Rhettmatic Beat Junkies on the scratch
  • Listen, all y'all niggas be having too much to say man,
  • y'all niggas can eat a fat big dick
  • If you're pissed off you dying with your dick in your hand, guaranteed
  • All y'all ***** ass niggas
  • trying to play me on the Liberaci Versace tip
  • I'ma catch you outside your mansion with a big four fifth
  • Rasassination

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