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Ras Kass - Wild Pitch (feat. Xzibit, Jah Skillz & Phil Da Agony) Lyrics

  • featuring Jah Skillz Xzibit
  • [Ras Kass]
  • (yea yea YEAH)
  • What you don't want it niggas liver than Teen Summit
  • The Wild Pitch America's Most drunk and blunted
  • Stick to fishes black widows kick this vicious
  • Hot shit ***** Wild Pitch
  • [Jah Skillz]
  • I'm the funkalistic rapper choke an instant
  • Got mixed wit Malibu rums and Mistic
  • I'm a whole lot on it yea just a smidget
  • Just cuz I live by the beach like ?Gidget?
  • You must think I'm small time like that biz midget
  • Add three piece smart mouth like *****es
  • And you got me, Jah Killa jet ski ills
  • Take me to the edge like poppin pills
  • Straight up, no chase, hold up unless I'm bein followed
  • Never swallow anything unless it's from a bottle
  • And that's the whole truth, and nothin but the truth so help me God
  • By the powers invested upon my 5 Footaz squad
  • You ain't ready, oh cuz you dress like psychadelli
  • You the GMC like Chevy, I put a levy on yo cash flow
  • Just a little something to let yo ass know
  • Who to give 2 kind to when you pass go
  • Chorus [Xzibit]
  • You dealin wit alumni criteria
  • The one's that throwin Wild Pitches in ya area
  • Strikin you out, sending you back to the dugout
  • We goin up to your microphones pullin the plug out
  • Superior, alumni criteria, we the MCs that you make you feel inferior
  • Throwin Wild Pitches, *****in your riches and your *****es
  • Rasassination, Jah Skillz, and Xzibit
  • [Ras Kass]
  • I ejaculate on blind justice wit the jury's se quested
  • And escape, run in a nigga's face like Hannibal Lector
  • The aqua-mati, my pen is penitentiary
  • Potenially plain paid for protocall pacific pro perfect cap pealer
  • Performing skull circumsitions, when I position the prism
  • Permiscuis wit other people's ***** ?pawn? wit the playa like Big Pun
  • Poisonous poet, I Master "p" like UHHHHHHH!!!
  • Skillz ?cotted? enabled
  • Herb you just and ingrown hair in the world of tweezers
  • We can dance before I crack MC's like Gator in jungle fever
  • Got them speakin in number like SoundScan
  • Severed the ears off your soundman, black Israelite
  • Like four-hundred and forty-four thousand
  • Niggas talk like dog, we'll walk like cat
  • I'm Ozzy Osbourne bitin the head off of rats
  • When they started bustin, ***** the Russian
  • We playin West Indian Roulette, ?some of mine? blind get wet
  • >From New Jack to Vet I can modem
  • Comes off like three adam's apples in the inner scrotum
  • My rhyme ?, clearin my sinus, ***** slime on your Iceberg
  • And let the virus cross appliance
  • Chorus
  • [Xzibit]
  • Give birth to earth to planet, we harder than granite
  • And concrete, man made could never compete, complete down to the core
  • Weighing in tons, hotter than lava, God, Javi, Jahovah, Allah heavenly Father
  • Nuns to bank robbers, wealth beyond the dollar
  • Here to school the scholar, make new born babies
  • No live for no ***** or lady, they try to play me
  • We flowin like the Mississsippi to the River Euphrates
  • One-hundred and eighty times two, one complete rotation
  • Fit any situation for a small donation, live on location
  • Third planet from the sun
  • Travel 24 hours you spend a lifetime to run
  • Witness the slave shot he bolted to a gat and a gun
  • >From Hitler, Musolini, to Attila the Hun
  • Imagine existence wit no fear, tears never shed here
  • One day for me could last a thousand years
  • The first element baby, one two....
  • Chorus

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